Tick tock, tick tock …

Published July 18, 2012 by goingalongwithit

As it draws nearer to August 16th I can feel myself getting more and more nervous. I didn’t think I’d be so bothered about getting my college results and finding out whether or not I’ll be going to university this year but I really am! It sounds obvious that I care, and of course I expected to be nervous, but I don’t usually get like this about results. Suppose I’m finally taking it seriously though, how about that ey? 

But thinking back I do kind of wish I had taken it a bit more seriously in the application process, I did put my all into it, and I got the interviews, but I didn’t go to some of them for stupid reasons. And part of me is regretting it now. So maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to do another year of college. Really get my ‘head down’ and do it properly this time. As much as I realize I’m thinking pessimistically I’m also just being realistic. There’s nothing worse than thinking you’ve done great or expecting to do great on a test and then failing spectacularly. I’ve done that plenty times before and I’m not up for doing it again.

If I get the grades to go this year I will go, I think. I guess I’m just having second thoughts now the time is coming that I’ll find out whats happening. Maybe I’m over thinking it? Actually, I am DEFINITELY over thinking it! I just need to calm down. Usually I’m fine, but once I start thinking about it I work myself into a fluster and get stressed out about it. Anyway. As soon as I know what’s happening i.e. whether or not I’ll be spending another year at sixth form, I’ll post it on here.

But not to worry, I will be posting before August 16th!


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