Published July 19, 2012 by goingalongwithit

I will never understand how someone who doesn’t know me, has never spoken to me, and only really knows who I am because they follow me on twitter and I happen to be good friends with their boyfriend can be of the opinion that they don’t like me. This is one of the many reasons as to why I cannot and don’t think I ever will be able to understand the female brain. I know this may sound peculiar coming from a female, but I honestly think I’m running on a different frequency to other women/girls around me.

I get the whole “he’s my boyfriend and  you’re his ex-girlfriend therefore I don’t like you” thing, but that doesn’t even apply to this situation. I have never, nor will I ever be involved in any other way than friends with this person, and yet for some reason, this girl doesn’t like me. Might I add, that actually, she one time added me on Blackberry Messenger, which was a long time ago so I didn’t think anything of it, she didn’t even know him then. But we never spoke, which is the exact reason that I didn’t see fit to accept her other BBM request when I got a new Blackberry so that was the end of that.

Like seriously are we still 12? I think I’ve missed the memo of, he’s got a girlfriend now you can’t be friends anymore. Bitch please!? We were friends long before you came along and although I wish you every happiness together I can guarantee that I will be here long after you’ve quit the coitus and moved on. I would understand if I had given her any reason for this dislike, but I haven’t. And if I’m quite honest other than the fact that I despise some of the ways in which the female mind works and interprets things, I couldn’t care less what she or anyone else for that matter thinks about me. I don’t need her to like me. I think I’ll sleep pretty well tonight regardless of whether or not we are ‘buddies’. I just wish for better for my friend, I mean she’s a pretty girl, but obviously she’s left her brain in the schoolyard.


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