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It’s Not The End Of The World, Not Really.

Published August 25, 2012 by goingalongwithit

This is not a post about 2012. This is a post about my exam results, I feel I should point this out as my title is pretty misleading. So I got my results from college and unfortunately didn’t get into University. As of yet, I don’t know what I am going to do. My options are: Go back to college for another year and apply again, don’t go back to college and do some other kind of course/try and gain experience in my chosen subject field or to do nothing, give up and stick with the job I am currently in forever – which might I add, isn’t the worst job in the world. But I think I will stick with option 1. 

Of course at first I was totally gutted and upset about my results. But now I realize that it really isn’t the end of the world. I am only young and I have a long time ahead of me to be going to University, I’m not missing out right now on anything that won’t be waiting for me whenever I decide to apply again, which will probably be next year. 

Today all of my friends (by all I mean all, excluding me, of my ‘main’ group of friends) went on holiday. I was going to go too, but I lost my passport the day we were supposed to book up. And to make things worse, when I found it I wasn’t employed so I had no way of paying for the holiday, but it gets worse, I then got a job, but it was too late to add myself on to the holiday. There will always be next time. But this will be the first proper girls holiday so I’m a bit peeved that I’m going to be missing out on it. I can distract myself with working and posting on here, so if I seem to be posting a bit more than often in the next week or so you know why. I’m sure you won’t complain. 

This is a boring post really. I’ve just tried to fill it with the things that have been going on in my world, which obviously aren’t very exciting but it’s all I have to write about today so it will have to do. I’m now going to sign off and go to sleep because if I stay on here any longer I will get carried away and be here until 4:00AM or something. I have a huge habit of doing this. Oops. I love it though. 

Goodnight 🙂


My Excuse For Not Blogging For Four Days (It’s A Good one)

Published August 13, 2012 by goingalongwithit

Guys I’m back! Not that I expect anyone to have noticed, or cared that I had gone anywhere, but all the same I am back. I’ve been to Scotland on a mini break since Friday. I just got back today. I loved it. I’ve been to the hotel before so I knew what to expect, it didn’t disappoint once again. The views are amazing and everyone in the hotel, staff and guests are really friendly and helpful. I’d go there again and would seriously recommend it to anyone looking for somewhere to stay in Scotland. The hotel takes bookings from coach holidays as well as other bookings. But all must be done through a certain company, I don’t know which but I’m sure that if you phone the hotel they will be more than happy to help you out. 

Here are some photo’s of the hotel:


While I was there I went to see the Edinburgh Tattoo. It’s a military show. I would strongly recommend anyone to go and see this, no matter what age you are and no matter what it is that you like. I loved it. Here are some photographs:


I loved the whole holiday, it was great fun. I’ve made some lovely friends, some of which I am planning on keeping in touch with.

So that’s what I’ve been doing. And now I’m going to have a browse and see what you guys have been doing this past weekend. There will be some interesting reads out there I’m sure!

I Kind Of Care If You Think I’m Weird, But I Also Don’t

Published August 9, 2012 by goingalongwithit

I never thought I was the kind of person to care about what others thought about me. But now and again when I’m writing a tweet or a status update I find myself stopping and deleting what I’ve written and I know that the reason is I just think people will think I’m silly or boring or a whinger for writing it. This is bad. I guess in general I really don’t care what people think of me. But I, along with the remainder of the worlds population, find comfort in acceptance and also in the knowledge that someone likes me. I wish I didn’t second guess myself for fear of other people’s opinions, but I won’t lie and say that I don’t do it. 

On some issues, the more important things anyway, I honestly couldn’t give a flying fuck whether or not someone agrees with me or thinks I am a bad person because of my point of view or beliefs. I am not afraid to stand up for something that I believe in and never will be. Something that I am particularly proud of. But it’s the simple, everyday things that I have trouble with. For example, one of the ‘sayings’ if you like, that I live by and always have done is “each to their own” this applies to all kinds of situations, sexual preference, same sex marriage, interracial relationships and many more. This means that even if I did have a negative opinion on any of these things (which for the record, I don’t, I completely support all of the above) I wouldn’t bother you with it because it’s your life and I have no right to interfere or judge you for your decisions and choices. But, I would rather not post any kind of social media update than one detailing something on my mind that people may find to be a pointless piece of information, or me moaning all of the time. I don’t know if anyone else does this. I didn’t really notice I did until quite recently. I was aware that I was doing it of course, but I didn’t really register it (if that makes sense). 

I’m making a promise to myself now that from now on I will just tweet whatever I feel like tweeting and update my facebook status with whatever I see fit (not that I often update my facebook status). I suppose nobody on here will be able to pick me up on this one if I don’t do it because none of you would know if what I tweeted or updated matched my thoughts or feelings anyway. A promise to myself then. Just to forget COMPLETELY about what other people think. 

At least I’ve gotten things the right way round though. I’d much rather not care what people thought of my beliefs and views than not to care whether or not they wanted to know about my latest mood swing or my boring daily updates. When it is important, I will stand my ground. I always have and I always will. And I believe that that is the way everyone should be. Nobody should stay quiet for fear of what other people will think or say about what they say or do. As long as you believe that you are right, you don’t ever need to convince anybody else. Ever. 

The Expected Course Of Action

Published August 5, 2012 by goingalongwithit

I took the kids to our local carnival today, neither are really old enough to understand where they are but they enjoyed it. I think. It was a good day, I had fun. I went with my two sisters, one of my sisters’ fiance, my mother and auntie :). The carnival comes around this time every year so although it#s always the same we usually go over to have a look around, and we’ve always had between us, enough kids for an excuse to go over. 

One thing I didn’t like though was bumping into an ex. Not my most recent ex I will add, but one of the more ‘memorable’ ones should I say. I’m not sure how people are supposed to feel when they bump into an ex. Maybe I’m doing it wrong but I couldn’t help but feel a huge pang of jealousy of the girl he was walking with. I love my current partner very, very dearly. But I can’t deny that I was jealous. After the stab of jealousy I got a little sad, and then I forgot about it until I’ve found myself sat alone with nothing else to think about. Is it normal that I’ve had to try my best not to run through the relationship again in my head, to think about what it was that went wrong? I’ve always thought that I don’t really know how best to get over someone. I think maybe I just push the feelings aside rather than address them and eventually get over them. Maybe. But perhaps everyone does that. 

There are certain people with whom I have been ‘involved’ that I will always have a ‘soft spot’ if you can call it that, for. I don’t even know if everyone is the same in that sense too. I am still friends with some people I have had great connections with, but it seems the ones I experienced something more amazing with are the ones that I don’t communicate with, or even acknowledge now. I suppose that’s a shame. I don;t know if ‘shame’ is the best word to use. As you can see, I don’t know much about this subject. I find it hard to understand or even speculate how I’m supposed to approach these kinds of situations. 

I have come to the conclusion that I am in one of those moods (any females out there will definitely understand what I mean by that, perhaps some males too). Bumping into this ex has brought back memories and thoughts from other past relationships. I don’t like that, I believe that some things shouldn’t be dwelled upon, but sometimes you don’t mean to do it, it just creeps up on you. Always when you least expect it. And always when you least want it to happen. Maybe it is just me … I don’t know about that either. I just don’t know. 

10 Years On …

Published August 1, 2012 by goingalongwithit

I was reading Woman Magazine yesterday and as I was turning through the pages, I saw something that made my stomach turn. And not in a good way. It was this photograph:

ImageThe caption read: “10 years on … the photo we’ll never forget”

To those who don’t know who the girls in the photo are, the gorgeous girls are Jessica Chapman (Left) and Holly Wells (Right). This photo was taken at 5:04pm on 4th August 2002, just hours before they were murdered by their school caretaker Ian Huntley. The media coverage of this was huge. If you don’t know the story I urge you to Google it. 

When the story broke, I was 8 years old and in Primary school (not sure what the US equivalent is), but I still remember hearing about it. Firstly, the girls were believed to have gone missing, and sickeningly, the caretaker who had killed them appeared on TV urging anyone to come forward with any information, making out as if he was helping to look for the two girls. The most heart wrenching part of the article is where it tells you that this year, both of the girls – if they were still alive – would be celebrating their 21st birthdays. It is fucking disgusting that they have had this, and the rest of their lives taken away from them. 

I will always believe that murderers are scum. This seems obvious, but some people admire and idolise them. I cannot comprehend this. Something else that I can’t get my head around is that, if these people (murderers, or potential murderers) have the urge to kill someone then why don’t they just kill themselves and have done with it. I understand that sometimes it is about the ritual and some sort of obsession or desire for inflicting pain on other people and not on themselves. But taking someones life must be the most selfish and unwarranted thing a human being can do. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to understand why people do it. Through studying Psychology, I already know the motives behind the killings, but I don’t believe that anyone, who is not of murderous mentality will ever be able to fully grasp the concept. Perhaps even they can’t. 

I was just so shocked to find that it has been 10 years since Holly and Jessica were murdered. For those who are not from the UK, ask anyone who is from here who Holly and Jessica are and they will tell you. It isn’t something that you just don’t know about. 

Things like this just remind me how lucky I am. Not lucky to live in a world where things like this happen, but lucky enough to live at all. But I do hope that the girls spirits and families are at some kind of peace now.