It’s Not The End Of The World, Not Really.

Published August 25, 2012 by goingalongwithit

This is not a post about 2012. This is a post about my exam results, I feel I should point this out as my title is pretty misleading. So I got my results from college and unfortunately didn’t get into University. As of yet, I don’t know what I am going to do. My options are: Go back to college for another year and apply again, don’t go back to college and do some other kind of course/try and gain experience in my chosen subject field or to do nothing, give up and stick with the job I am currently in forever – which might I add, isn’t the worst job in the world. But I think I will stick with option 1. 

Of course at first I was totally gutted and upset about my results. But now I realize that it really isn’t the end of the world. I am only young and I have a long time ahead of me to be going to University, I’m not missing out right now on anything that won’t be waiting for me whenever I decide to apply again, which will probably be next year. 

Today all of my friends (by all I mean all, excluding me, of my ‘main’ group of friends) went on holiday. I was going to go too, but I lost my passport the day we were supposed to book up. And to make things worse, when I found it I wasn’t employed so I had no way of paying for the holiday, but it gets worse, I then got a job, but it was too late to add myself on to the holiday. There will always be next time. But this will be the first proper girls holiday so I’m a bit peeved that I’m going to be missing out on it. I can distract myself with working and posting on here, so if I seem to be posting a bit more than often in the next week or so you know why. I’m sure you won’t complain. 

This is a boring post really. I’ve just tried to fill it with the things that have been going on in my world, which obviously aren’t very exciting but it’s all I have to write about today so it will have to do. I’m now going to sign off and go to sleep because if I stay on here any longer I will get carried away and be here until 4:00AM or something. I have a huge habit of doing this. Oops. I love it though. 

Goodnight 🙂


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