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Published February 15, 2013 by goingalongwithit

For lent this year I’m giving up Coca-Cola, if you knew me personally you would understand how hard this is. I know I drink way too much of the stuff so I’ve used this as an excuse to try and kick the habit and also as something to write about on here so I’ll be posting updates on here.

Days 1 – 3:Ok so I think the first 24 hours were the worst, actually the second half of those 24 were bad I didn’t really notice  the first 12 because half of it was spent sleeping and the rest I was doing assignments. I haven’t had any massive cravings yet though which is surprising as I used to get these all the time but I am struggling. I would just like to clarify that it’s specifically Coca-Cola that I’m giving up and not just fizzy drinks in general so I will be drinking other  things but as everyone knows, nothing else suffices when you have a craving for something and also there is no other drink that tastes quite like real full fat Coca-Cola. 

There’s nothing much to report within the past couple of days other than that I’ve found myself thinking about Coke a lot more than I usually would. Normally, there is a bottle of it not far from me so I don’t think about it I just know that it’s there if I want a drink but having no Coke in the house anymore is totally strange.

ImageI’ll be back soon to let you know how I’m getting on. Is anyone else doing the whole lent thing? What are you giving up?


I Have This Thing …

Published February 7, 2013 by goingalongwithit

And this thing gets brought up on a daily basis, without fail. People who don’t know me don’t understand it because they know nothing about it and people who do know me know a lot about it and still don’t understand it. I’d love to know some of the things that you guys think I’m talking about right now, to me it’s obvious but that’s because I know, of course.

I don’t even know what the correct term or name for this ‘thing’ but it stops me from doing a couple of simple things that everyone else doesn’t seem to think twice about (I completely wish I could be one of the people who don’t care about this kind of stuff). My problem is that I have issues with germs, and food germs in particular. It’s quite strange actually because I have never known anyone have the same set of ‘rules’ as me when it comes to the food than I eat and who I will allow to touch it and in what way. Ok so here is a basic run down of the ground rules:

  • I don’t mind people making food for me, let’s take a sandwich as an example – You can make me a sandwich and I’ll eat it with no problem, but only if I didn’t watch you make the sandwich or see you touch any of the things you use to make it or put into i. Also, I have to cut my sandwiches myself, unless I buy them from a shop because in that case it’s totally different. I like to cut it myself because I don’t cut it in the same way that other people do (next time I make a sandwich I’ll post a photo of how I cut it I promise & I also promise you won’t every understand why it is I cut it that way).
  • I will never ever drink or eat the same glass, cup, bottle, plate, bowl, knife, fork or anything else that anyone else has used. Of course, only when it hasn’t been cleaned in between me using it and them.
  • There are times when – I don’t stipulate when these times are they seem to be completely at random – when I can’t pick certain things up, I tel myself to pick them up but my brain won’t make my body do it. I haven’t found any explanation for this other than that perhaps my brain thinks that there are germs on the object or something like that, but that would only make proper sense if I could never pick these things up. Some things included in this rule are kettles, handles and doors on things too. I can usually get round this though by putting some kitchen roll or tissue in my hand and picking it up with that instead. This is something else which makes me think that it could be to do with the germs that my brain thinks could be on the object. But to be honest, I don’t really know.

It’s nothing too complicated, but it does come up a lot everyday, that’s because I eat and drink at least one thing everyday and there is usually someone there while I do that. I get a lot of strange looks and questions about why my habits are so odd but all that I can say is that if you had never experienced anything like it then you wouldn’t understand properly. I can’t control it, don’t get me wrong I do get that this sounds and looks very very strange, but I honestly can’t help it. It does make me feel better to talk about it though so that’s why I’ve done this post. I like to laugh about it but if I’m honest I do take it quite seriously within myself because I’ve found myself getting extremely frustrated and upset at not being able to touch certain things, I think it upsets me mainly because I don’t really understand it myself.

I don’t know what I think posting this is going to do, I very much doubt there is someone else who has the same problem as me .. similar maybe but I’ve never known anyone else like myself but if you are like me then honestly feel free to let me know it might make me feel a little bit less strange. If this post has scared you off and made  you want to get away from the creepy germ lady then fair enough, but I won’t apologize for being this way because I can’t change it so I just have to deal with it and by now I’m pretty much used to it.

So yeah … that’s my ‘thing’.