Published March 10, 2013 by goingalongwithit

I think its been around 3 weeks since I last posted about how I’m doing with lent. The update is, that I’m doing really, really well .. surprisingly. I though by now that I would be having huge cravings and would most certainly have crumbled but nope, still going strong. I know it’s only Coca Cola that I gave up but I’m totally proud of myself because I didn’t realise how strong  my willpower was. If I’m really honest the only times I even think about Coca Cola is when someone else mentions it and I don’t even want any when someone is drinking it around me. I hope you guys are proud, if you knew me personally you would know that this is pretty big as I was a complete addict, ha!

This is just a short update, I started the whole ‘Lent Watch’ thing thinking that I wouldn’t be able to do it and also expecting myself to find it much harder, and through that I would have much more to write about but here we are. I think there are around 18 days to go, give or take a few because I’m no good with dates and especially Easter ones! I promise I’ll do at least one more, or maybe a few updates on LENT WATCH.

Will I last until the end? Will I have a ‘relapse’. Who knows? Watch this space ….


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