Snow Day

Published March 11, 2013 by goingalongwithit


With the powers invested in me by … myself, I officially declare today a snow day. Already at work? Come home. Popped home for your lunch? Don’t go back out. Put on your pajamas, crank up the heating and vegetate. Whether you choose to do so in front of the television, or wrapped up in a good book that is completely up to you. Just do as I say, you’ll like it trust me. I suppose these rules wont apply to anyone outside of the UK unless it happens to be snowing where ever anyone else is too!

I think I like the idea of a snow day much more than I actually like having a snow day. Mainly because I usually find myself being extremely bored. I can only ever think of good things I would like to do when I happen to have an endless list of things to be doing. Sound familiar? So this is where I need the help of anyone who happens to stumble across this post, what can I possibly do to fill up my snow day?

Can you recommend any good books to read? Films to watch? Anything will be considered (unless of course it involves crossing the threshold out into the blizzard, not happening). Really, really hope somebody can come up with something, I’ve had so many snow days recently that I’ve exhausted all of my own ideas. Help!?


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