I found this site through someone I follow on twitter posting a link to their blog. I took a look around and thought, I feel comfortable here, perhaps this is just what I have been looking for. I’ve tried the whole Tumblr thing. I wouldn’t say I disliked it, but there’s little or no substance to the majority of what goes on there. Since around a year ago, I ‘ve been looking for a blogging site that allowed me to say exactly what I wanted, without limiting my word count in the way that Twitter does, and without the mindless “like-hungry” status updates about things that I did not care about. I wanted to be able to sit own, and type away freely whenever I wanted to. And, now I think I have found it. I like it here, the blogs I’ve looked at and people I’ve spoken to so far are really quite interesting. And I actually care about and am interested in the things that these people have to say. Maybe they wouldn’t reciprocate, but that’s an issue of personal opinion.

Here, you will find me doing many things: having a rant, sharing my life experiences with you, sharing my heartache and generally introducing anyone who wishes to read to the things that are most important and most dear to me. If you don’t like what you see, you can leave. I don’t have an issue with that.

Ok, time for some basics about me.

So hello, this is me. I’m from a small town in England, no details, nobody would know it if I named it anyway. I’m 19 years old and female just a pretty average person. I’m toying with the idea of keeping this blog anonymous, so I won’t give my name, perhaps some time in the future I will change my mind, I am undecided. I don’t do drugs, I’m not a criminal. But I do like to go out and get absolutely wasted with my friends. I don’t care if you judge me for that, it’s all perfectly legal and nothing anyone says would stop me doing it anyway. I am a very upfront person, people often mistake that for arrogance or rudeness, but that’s not it at all. Maybe people just don’t give me enough chance to get past the first impression. I’d say that I am generally nice to be around and to speak to, I’m assuming that from the fact that nobody has ever told me otherwise (feel free to disagree). I am currently on the road to going to University, I’ve applied and now am just waiting to be invited for interview … hopefully.

I’m gonna stop rambling on now. I’m sure that’s pretty much all you guys will need to know.

(Look at me saying “you guys” like I actually think anyone will be interested in reading this. If I don’t humor myself, nobody will!)

But honestly, if there is anyone out there who happens to come across my blog and perhaps even like what I post and follows me, then Hello 🙂 I really appreciate your time!


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