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LENT WATCH: Completion!

Published April 12, 2013 by goingalongwithit

I survived lent without a single drop of Coca-Cola … this sounds tiny but I’m very very proud of myself. I know I’m a little late on letting you all know about this but I’ve been quite busy over the last couple of weeks. I hope that if any of you took part in lent you succeeded just like me. It wasn’t as hard as I expected it to be if I’m really honest but I’m still really proud of myself.

This is just a quick post to let you guys know about that but I’ll be back very soon to let you know about some exciting things I’ve got going on. My version of exciting anyway!

See you soon šŸ™‚


LENT UPDATE: 1 Week & 4 Days Remaining

Published March 20, 2013 by goingalongwithit

I’m really quite impressed with myself about this guys. I’ve done so well I think I might have even cured my ‘addiction’ to coca cola! I don’t even think about it anymore, but that may be my subconscious stopping me from thinking about it … who knows? I never wanted it to be ‘cured’ because I like coke, I just don’t ever want to go back to drinking even half as much as I used to.

I say to people all the time I think I just have some sort of addictive personality, if that is even a thing. I find myself doing/eating/drinking something quite often and then for months and months I’ll eat drink or do that think while barely doing anything else. The difference here though is that usually I burn out a couple of months later and completely put myself off the thing that I’ve been binging on and I don’t go there ever again or it takes a long time for me to go back, but with coke, I’ve never really gotten sick of it. To be honest I think the most part of this ‘addiction’ is habit, being so used to drinking it the thought of not doing so is weird or worrying in some kind of way.

Well anyway, I hope you’re all proud of me! I’ll update you probably at the end of lent when I’ve had my first drink of coke since lent began and I’ll letĀ  you know how i goes. Have any of you guys given things up for lent? What are they? I’d love to know!


Published March 10, 2013 by goingalongwithit

I think its been around 3 weeks since I last posted about how I’m doing with lent. The update is, that I’m doing really, really well .. surprisingly. I though by now that I would be having huge cravings and would most certainly have crumbled but nope, still going strong. I know it’s only Coca Cola that I gave up but I’m totally proud of myself because I didn’t realise how strongĀ  my willpower was. If I’m really honest the only times I even think about Coca Cola is when someone else mentions it and I don’t even want any when someone is drinking it around me. I hope you guys are proud, if you knew me personally you would know that this is pretty big as I was a complete addict, ha!

This is just a short update, I started the whole ‘Lent Watch’ thing thinking that I wouldn’t be able to do it and also expecting myself to find it much harder, and through that I would have much more to write about but here we are. I think there are around 18 days to go, give or take a few because I’m no good with dates and especially Easter ones! I promise I’ll do at least one more, or maybe a few updates on LENT WATCH.

Will I last until the end? Will I have a ‘relapse’. Who knows? Watch this space ….


Published February 15, 2013 by goingalongwithit

For lent this year I’m giving up Coca-Cola, if you knew me personally you would understand how hard this is. I know I drink way too much of the stuff so I’ve used this as an excuse to try and kick the habit and also as something to write about on here so I’ll be posting updates on here.

Days 1 – 3:Ok so I think the first 24 hours were the worst, actually the second half of those 24 were bad I didn’t really noticeĀ  the first 12 because half of it was spent sleeping and the rest I was doing assignments. I haven’t had any massive cravings yet though which is surprising as I used to get these all the time but I am struggling. I would just like to clarify that it’s specifically Coca-Cola that I’m giving up and not just fizzy drinks in general so I will be drinking otherĀ  things but as everyone knows, nothing else suffices when you have a craving for something and also there is no other drink that tastes quite like real full fat Coca-Cola.Ā 

There’s nothing much to report within the past couple of days other than that I’ve found myself thinking about Coke a lot more than I usually would. Normally, there is a bottle of it not far from me so I don’t think about it I just know that it’s there if I want a drink but having no Coke in the house anymore is totally strange.

ImageI’ll be back soon to let you know how I’m getting on. Is anyone else doing the whole lent thing? What are you giving up?